Maryellen Fairfax

Hi! My name is Maryellen, and I’m a law and media student from Sydney, Australia. When I’m not nose-deep in textbooks, I love to get out in the sunshine, paint and play around with Photoshop and go rock-climbing. I grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I made the conscious choice to follow Jesus. Once I discovered that God sent his Son to die for me, I finally understood the depth of God’s love for me. This realisation has shifted my life and perspective forever.  Jesus has given my life meaning and direction. Even when I fail, face challenges or feel sad, I can experience His peace and know that one day I’ll live with Jesus forever.


Ray Moaga

I’m a New Zealand-born, Australian-raised Samoan. My working background includes being a fitness coach, founder and director of USO Apparel, government social work, high school teacher, church pastor and professional sportsman. I am a family man, a sports fanatic and a story-teller. With a deep passion for my family, community, health and empowering people to achieve their goals, I am following my dreams, embarking on a journey of cultural architecture and movement creation. This long list of interests has given me a plethora of avenues to connect with people from all walks of life and to influence them for the better.
At the core of all of these interests is my deepest passion: introducing people to Jesus Christ. He is the Reason for every adventure, every goal and all of my drive.


Sven Ostring

I grew up in Hong Kong, which is a truly global city that is at one of the crossroads along flightpaths between Europe, North America and Asia.  Perhaps that is why I am drawn to the big picture in life.  For example, I love the emotional beauty of epic symphonies like Tchaikovsky’s ‘Pathetique’ Symphony.  I also love the big concepts in science, like cosmology, as well as the philosophy and logic of science.  I also enjoy exploring the meaning and purpose of life.  The amazing thing is that I have discovered all of these big picture concepts converge in one single Person—Jesus Christ.  He is the Person who answers all of the questions that I have and meets all of my deepest needs.