Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Christian. Can I attend the ‘I Am’ series?

Absolutely! This series is intended for people like yourself who might be interested in exploring who Jesus is and the difference that He can make in your life.

I don’t know much about Jesus. Will I feel out of place in the group?

Everyone is on a journey and you are welcome to join us—regardless of your spiritual background. You can ask any questions that come to mind or interest you. There are no dumb or silly questions. The chances are, that someone else in the group will want to ask that same question, so feel free to bring any questions you have.

How long does the 'I Am' series?

Your ‘I Am’ group will be going through the series together in 10 weeks. After week 7, we enjoy a day away together. Make sure to check the dates with your group leader, and mark them in your calendar.

Is there any cost to joining the I Am series?

The series is 100% free. No strings attached. We look forward to journeying together to better understand who Jesus is and the difference that he can make in our lives

Why is the series called ‘I Am’?

We want to be ourselves and express who we really are. We want to find out what really makes us happy. If someone asked us who we were or what we do, we would using begin by saying, “I am…” In the same way, When Jesus was introducing himself to people, he would often start of by saying, “I am…” What if Jesus has something really special to offer you personally because of who he is? In the I Am series, you will have the opportunity to explore who Jesus is and the difference that he can make in your life.